Spillage Containment

WAC14537 WAC14537 https://primadatamedia.blob.core.windows.net/vow/WAC14537.jpg Oil Spill Kit 50 Litre Capacity 1011041 Safety & Security#Spillage Containment Wallace Cameron 649.39 EUR

    Oil Spill Kit 50 Litre Capacity 1011041

    Wallace Cameron
    Product Code: WAC14537
    Product Unit: Each
    Non-Returnable Product

    • Quick response kit for spills
    • Designed specifically for use with oil spills
    • Helps to maintain safety and cleanliness
    • Contains 25 absorbent pads, 4 absorbent socks and 1 absorbent cushion
    • Also contains 1 pair of gloves and goggles, 1 disposal bag and tie and a dammit slab
    • Absorbs up to 50 litres of fluid
    • Colour: Blue

    Inc. VAT €798.75


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Code WAC14537
Unit Individual Items
Brand Wallace Cameron